Maryna Liubarova

Mental Athlete, Personal Life & Career Coach

Transforming athletes into unstoppable forces through mental coaching

In person coaching is available in Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming.

Online coaching via Zoom is optional from anywhere in the world!

Mental Athlete Coaching

Whether you’re an athlete, performer, or professional seeking to optimize your cognitive abilities, our experienced coaches are dedicated to helping you develop mental strength, focus, and resilience.

Personal Life Coaching

As your personal coach, I will ask questions, encourage and challenge you to reach for what you truly want to create for yourself.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unleash your inner champion through mental coaching

Your future Mental Performance Coach, Maryna, has a passion for working with athletes, individuals and businesses to empower them to take control of their lives and create the results they want. 


Mental Athlete Coaching


Life Coaching


Career Counseling


Relationship Coaching

Goal Setting in Sports

Involves the development of SMART characteristics of effective plan to reach goals in sports.
SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound.

Stress management in Sports

The application of various techniques and strategies to effectively cope with and reduce the negative impact of stress on athletes’ performance and well-being.

Performance Enhancement

Increase performance through visualization, self- confidence, motivation, and enhancing mental resilience.

Working on Mental Toughness

Focuses on cultivating a resilient mindset, enhancing focus, managing emotions effectively, maintaining confidence, and overcoming obstacles.

What is athlete mental coaching? Who is it for?

As a mental performance coach, I help athletes to reach their full potential, overcome obstacles, help them work on mental toughness, cope with pressure and stay focused under stress when the game is on the line.

Mental performance coaching is for athletes that are in high school, college, semi-pro, professional and elite athletics. A lot of great professional athletes understand that the mind game is as important as the physical, and that is why they hire mental performance coaches or sport psychologists.

What does a mental athlete coach do?

A mental athlete coach employs sport psychology principles to provide athletes, teams, and coaches with practical mental skills and exercises that can enhance and optimize their physical sport performances. It is important to note that mental skills coaching differs from mental health counseling and focuses specifically on improving athletic performance rather than addressing mental health issues.

How are mental athlete coaches different from sport psychologists?

Mental athlete coaches and sport psychologists differ in their focus and qualifications. Mental coaches specialize in enhancing the mental aspects of sport performance, collaborating with athletes to cultivate their mental skills, resilience, self-belief, mindset, and focus. While a mental coach may not hold formal credentials in sport psychology, a sport psychologist possesses the requisite qualifications in this specific field.

How can a mental athlete coach help me?

A mental athlete coach serves as a valuable and informed ally, dedicated to improving an athlete’s performance, well-being, and mental abilities. By offering personalized guidance, a mental athlete coach equips athletes with tailored strategies, tools, and techniques to maximize their potential and successfully accomplish their athletic aspirations.

How does mental coaching work?

Mental coaching typically involves a series of one-on-one sessions between the athlete and their mental coach, with each session typically lasting 45-60 minutes. The approach used in mental athlete coaching may vary depending on the athlete’s specific needs and the nature of their sport.

The coaching process begins with an assessment where the coach evaluates the athlete’s current mindset, identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Based on this assessment, the coach collaborates with the athlete to establish goals and create an individualized plan. This plan includes targeted mental skills training, strategies, tools, and techniques that are tailored to the athlete’s unique requirements.

To benefit from mental coaching, athletes are expected to actively apply the learned mental skills and techniques during their training sessions and competitions. In essence, the athlete assumes the responsibility of completing assigned “homework” to integrate these skills into their performance. The coach plays a crucial role by providing ongoing support, assisting with mental training, and facilitating the further development of the athlete’s mental skills.

Throughout the coaching process, the coach regularly reflects on the athlete’s progress, evaluating their performance and considering potential adjustments to the techniques being utilized. This ensures that the coaching approach remains effective and aligned with the athlete’s evolving needs. Ultimately, the mental coach is available to provide guidance, support, and help the athlete advance their mental skills for improved performance.

About Me

Hello, I’m Maryna Liubarova, the proud founder of MVL Life Coaching. Originally from Ukraine, I have been living in the United States for the past 15 years. My journey led me to the beautiful town of Vail, Colorado, where I met my best friend and soulmate. Together, we are blessed with three wonderful children, and we make it a priority to enjoy outdoor activities with them every single day.

Throughout my upbringing, sports played a significant role in my life. I engaged in various disciplines such as ballroom dancing, wrestling, sport forest orientation, running both short and long distances, and sand pit long jumping. Competing in these sports became a passion of mine. During my early teenage years, around 13-14, I excelled in short distance running and was offered the opportunity to join a sports academy for professional training, with the potential to pursue the Olympics. Unfortunately, my mother did not allow me to pursue that path. Nevertheless, my life has remained closely connected to sports.

As a life coach with several years of experience, I began experimenting with strategies and techniques for my oldest son to apply in his athletic competitions. Witnessing how he combined the mental tools and skills with his natural athletic abilities to achieve remarkable results sparked a realization within me. From that point on, I found myself immersed in ski courses and hockey rinks, observing not only my son’s journey but also the rises and falls of other athletes. I delved into extensive research, devouring numerous sport psychology books, and discovered valuable answers and tools that could assist these individuals. Motivated by my findings, I pursued several Mastery Certification Courses to equip myself with the knowledge and expertise necessary to assist not only everyday individuals but also athletes, including professionals.

Throughout my personal journey, I have learned a profound lesson: Life is a Sport, so play it and have fun. 


It’s nice to have an outside perspective, especially with someone who I feel like has a lot more of the “story” than anybody else and someone who is educated in assisting and mentoring in the matter. Your words of wisdom are always insightful, constructive, and of course helpful- and if I’ve ever fallen off track from where I was, you are always there with amazing ideas and tips to get me back into the flow and best mindset and I always feel like it’s new advice/guidance/exercises – I never feel like we are saying the same things over and over like a broken record, which keeps our meetings fun interesting.
Elena C.

Maryna went on a hike with me and by the end of it I felt a renewed sense of purpose and understanding of my life goals and how to achieve them! She was informative while simultaneously asking questions to clarify how I felt about a variety of topics. She gave me real world tools that I could use to achieve a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment in my life with the added bonus of recognizing those around me could also be uplifted. She offered helpful advice on work, family and personal issues. I ended the hike feeling empowered to start living my life to my fullest potential! Thank you!!

Virgia B.

Maryna’s coaching was on point and helped my daughter prepare for her upcoming hockey season. Maryna was well prepared with books to read, daily rituals, goal setting exercises and meditation instruction. I highly recommend her services. She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping others achieve their goals!

Jen F.

Chatting with you is always fun, and productive! I feel like we always talk about things that excite and motivate me and I always look forward to meeting :)
Courtney C.

I never stop and work on myself everytime! Every coach needs a mentor too. Thank you Marina for our sessions. I was happy to work with you. Recovery time is not easy for every athlete. You knew my story and you really helped me on my way. I feel like I can keep going.
Alicia F.

Maximize Your Athletic Potential. Elevate Your Performance. Thrive in Sports. Unlock Your Mental Edge with Mental Athlete Coaching.

Athletes work on various aspects with sport psychologists to enhance their mental skills, performance, and overall well-being. The specific areas of focus may vary depending on individual needs and goals.
Whether you’re a professional athlete, a dedicated amateur, or a rising star, our mental athlete coach service provides the guidance and support you need to excel in your sport. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock your mental potential to reach your goals and thrive in the world of sports.

Coaching Packages


Support and nurture your success on and off the field with self-management, goal setting, untangling fear and exercizes to help you become the best you.

More Details
I help athletes increase their self-awareness, manage their life, increase resilience and stay focused to perform at their best. We work in each part of their life to have it balanced out, so no burnouts or injuries less likely to occur. 
Personal life in athletes everyday routine is very important. Working with life coach can help hard working athlete to set new goals, transform limited beliefs, get rid of fears and other draining habits.
Life coaching package for athletes help client not only perform at their best on the field but also in life.


I help individuals actualize what it is they know they truly want and create time for the things that matter to them most. View more details and package choices below.

More Details
The Personal Life Coaching package has a few choices: either a 1 hour session for $300, or 1 month of personal Life coaching. 1 month of Life Coaching comes with weekly sessions for $950 (face to face, online or phone and unlimited email contact (within the 1 month). This package is for anyone who is committed to making changes in at least one area of their life: marriage/family relationships, work, health, mindsets, spiritual, etc. 
Multiple month sessions:
  • 3 months 
  • 6 months
  • 12 months 
Multiple sessions special: you buy 10 sessions 11th is free and schedule whenever during the 12 months  purchasing the package.


Reset your energy and enjoy outings, personal work sessions and more adventures like hiking or snowshoeing, depending on the season, in the rocky mountains.

More Details

Reset your energy and transform your life experience with my uplifting guidance. Perfect for folks ready to refresh their energy and fall back in love with their own life! Enjoy outings, personal work sessions and other adventures like hiking or snowshoeing, depending on the season, in the rocky mountains. 

Multiple months sessions: 3, 6, 12 months.
Multiple sessions: you buy 10 sessions 11th is free and schedule whenever during the 12 months purchasing the package.

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