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My Story

Hey, my name is Maryna Liubarova and I am the founder of MVL Life Coaching. I was born and raised in the Ukraine and I came to the US 15 years ago. I met my best friend and soulmate in beautiful Vail, Colorado. We have 3 beautiful children, and we enjoy outdoor activities with them every day. 

Growing up I was always doing sports: ballroom dancing, wrestling, sport forest orientation, running short and long distances and sand pit long jumping. I competed in all these sports. At one point in my life, I was around 13-14 years old when I was doing really well in short distance running and I was invited to a sport academy to start training on the professional level to try making it into the Olympics. 

My mom would not let me do it, however, but in the end my life is still very connected with sports.

After multiple years of life coaching, I started experimenting and giving strategies and techniques to my oldest son for his athletic competitions. When he combines the mentals tools and skills he’s been learning together with his athletic abilities, he achieves great results. So, from that point on I found myself on ski courses and hockey rinks watching my son and seeing other athlete’s rises and falls. I started investigating and reading multiple sport psychology books. I started seeing the answers and tools I could use to help. I took several Mastery Certification Courses so I can help not only everyday people, but athletes and professional athletes.

One of the biggest lessons I learned on my journey is: Life is a Sport, so play it and have fun. 

Coaching Process


Personal Evaluation


Defining Goals


Identify Objectives


Develop action Plan

“Simply put, Coaching is where you work with someone to connect with yourself, redesign your environment and your life, and then take action to implement it!” – Emma-Louise Elsey

My Technique

I typically work with one client at a time, and on some occasions a small group of clients.

Coaching usually consists of multiple one-on-one sessions between us. The sessions usually last 45-60 minutes each. Some clients schedule meetings once a week when others can meet twice or once a month, depending on their needs. We will agree on what works best for you to succeed.

In your first session we will go over your goals and establish what you would like to achieve in your sport/life through mental coaching. I might need to show up to a practice or all of them, to put together the best plan for my athlete.

My sport psychology tool box consists of a variety of techniques and interventions. I will use tools and strategies to close the gap between your current state and your desired state.

You will be asked at the end of each session to commit to completing tasks before the next scheduled session. Basically, you’ll have some homework to do in between sessions.

That homework will consist of specific actions which you and I have identified as being the most important thing you can possibly do to get closer to your big goal.

When you commit to mental athlete coaching, not only are you focused on reaching your goal, but you also have someone holding you accountable to make sure you are following through.


“Maryna, I’m so happy I’ve met you and hired you as a life-coach. My life literally turned upside down ( in a good way). I started to express myself, to love myself the way I am. I opened my individuality. After each session and completion of tasks you give me I feel more certainty in my actions and inside me. The most important thing is you helped me to find my mission in this life. I finally found something that lights me up from inside with unbelievable power and energy. I’m so grateful that I met you and decided to attend your seminar.”

Aksana P.

“Working with Maryna helped me to channel my energy and focus on the things in my life that can actually make a difference. It’s so easy to be caught up in the minutia and things outside of our control. Maryna’s insightful guidance helped me to create goals and a concrete manageable plan of attack to achieve them.”

Haley P.

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