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The Meaning Of Live

In the last few months I went through a lot emotionally and spiritually. After losing my grandma and a month later my father in law, I went through a complete reavaluation of life meaning. Although I know my purpose in life is to be a life coach. I was sabotaging...

How to transform your limited beliefs

How many of you watched the movie “The Secret”? If you still haven’t, you should! Its free on Netflix. But everyone who watched it or knows about the law of attraction still bumped into a few difficulties of how to actually transform your limited beliefs that keep you...

How To Attract Your Dream Life

Many of us have a list of dreams and wishes. But how can we attract that dream life into our reality? I believe that we, as humans, are the authors of our own reality. However, some people will argue and try to blame others or obstacles that come into their life, but...

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