How many times did you quit because of failure, because of lack of results? In this blog post I want to share with you, how I overcome failure.

I caught myself a few weeks ago failing another time on one of my projects and decided to quit. I was experiencing complete apathy and defeat. And with that was self sabotaging and criticizing myself. Not the best feeling in the world, I’d  say.

How to get rid of guilt

Guilt is the worst enemy of humans. It destroys in seconds and makes us suffer.As a result, everyone around us, including us is guilty in our failures. So, I suggest the first and most important thing is to stop blaming anyone, Including ourselves. 

Pity as part of failure

My insight of the week is this: the pity to yourself is toxic. The pity for others is toxic to those who you feel pity for. It creates a victim mindset and puts you in apathy deeper and deeper until it’s too late to get out. The reason for it is that our 2 million year old brain reacts to negative much faster. Another reason is that our body is used to the chemicals we receive every time we experience pity and negative feelings for ourselves. The only way to get out is to substitute the cortizole for dopamine and endorphins :)

Three Feet From Gold

I also got inspired to not quit by the story Three Feet From Gold By Napoleon Hill. I suggest you to read it and always remember it when you are about to quit.

Failure is growth. Mistakes are lessons. Learn from them and do it AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN  and AGAIN until you reach your goal because EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE in this world, my friend.

If you’d like to create a plan on how to take the next step after failure, click here to schedule complementary one-on-one appointment. And let’s start your comeback.

Share your stories in the comments or email me. How do you overcome failure?