In this blog post I want to share with you how to raise your self-esteem. 

Why is your self-esteem low in first place?

Low self-esteem can occur due to different key factors in a persons life. 
Maybe your parents were abusive when you were a kid.
Maybe your siblings were mean and picked on you while growing up.
You probably were bullied at school – and as a result you have low self esteem.

Sometimes teachers can bring us down by belittling and making us feel less smart. 
For example, I had ballroom dancing coaches who would call us names and hit us with a stick if we didn’t keep a straight posture or didn’t dance well.

You could also get into toxic, abusive relationships and live with your “other half” who beats the crap out of you, and always tells you that you are nothing and nobody would ever look at you or be with you if you decide to leave him/her. So there are many ways you can be suppressed as the individual and your self esteem will drop.

How people with low self-esteem act?

People who have low self esteem often envy others, feel depressed or sad, fall into apathy, have no desire for reaching any goals, are always hard on themselves and could even hurt themselves physically. 

Sometimes people with low self esteem are trying to raise it through outside factors. By outside factors I mean materialistic factors like buying new clothing, buying a new phone or car like someone they want to look alike or someone they envy.

What can you start doing to raise your self esteem?

Five steps to raise your self-esteem?

  • Well, firstly and most importantly you need to find the root of the problem. What is the key factor that started it all? Is it your parents, siblings, classmates, exes , bosses, etc? 
  • Next step is to leave the past in the past. Why? Because you will never be able to move forward if you are stuck in the past, stuck in that offense towards the people who hurt you.
How do you move on?

It’s to forgive people who brought all that pain. You’ll tell me it’s not that easy but going back into the past is your choice. Same as you choosing to brush your teeth every morning or to drink tea or coffee. Going back into the past is also your choice.
For some people the past is a huge motivator! For some it’s a huge bummer. It all depends on  a person’s choice. Do you choose to strive away from your past or do you choose to sink deep in the morass of mediocrity?

  • Thirdly is to start living in gratitude and not in lack. Practice gratitude everyday. My kids and I do it before we go to sleep: everyone names three things they are greatfull for that day.
    You can do it first thing when you wake up. Write or think of three things you are greatfull for. 
  • Also, try this amazing practice from Tony Robins called “Priming”. I practice it every morning and it helps me to find balance for the rest of the day!
    Leave a comment down below on what you think about the practice. 
    Thank you!
  • Another step/practice is self- love affirmations. In other words, everyday look at yourself in the mirror and for about 5 minutes tell yourself how beautiful, smart, brave, gorgeous, intelligent, kind, magnificent, great cook, good mom/dad, etc. YOU ARE.
    It will take some time to start feeling those words through the core of your being, but it will happen. 
  • Next step is to treat your body like a secret temple for your soul. Feed your body healthy, nutritious foods. Exercise, go for walks or do any of your kids’ favorite sports. 
    Download the free app “Adidas Training” and start with a 15 minutes a day exercise routine to help you start treating your body right.
    Schedule a free 30 minute call with me and we can make a more detailed plan for you on how to raise your self-esteem.

I hope this was a helpful article for you to read and you found a few usuful tips to help you.
Comment down below or simply ask a question.
Thank you 
Maryna 😊

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