How many of you watched the movie “The Secret”? If you still haven’t, you should! Its free on Netflix. But everyone who watched it or knows about the law of attraction still bumped into a few difficulties of how to actually transform your limited beliefs that keep you one step away from attracting your Dream Life.
There are multiple tools that you can find in many different trainings of great international and local strategiests, therapists and coaches.

Ways To Transform Your Limited Beliefs

I’ll name a few and you can choose which one fits you the best.
Here are some tools that I still use to transform my limited beliefs and get rid of my fears, blocks, and barriers:

  • rewriting your limited belief. For example, if you feel unworthy of success and abundance, you write on the piece of paper the complete opposite sentence. “I am worthy of huge success! I am worthy of an ocean of abundance in my life!” and so on. And not only rewriting it, but reading it to yourself every single day. Until the new belief is so deep inside you, that when you read it out loud you have a feeling inside that it can’t be any different.
  • The second tool I want to share with you is meditation. Personaly I like meditation from Dr. Joe Dispenza. I highly recommend his book “Breaking the habit of being yourself”. There is a detailed explanation and walking through the meditation on changing yourself. Must read. There are also a variety of meditations from different gurus on Insight Timer App and Freedom Guru.
  • The third tool is I use a lot is invented by Daria Trutneva. It is an IT instrument called Master Kit. Ask me for more details by emailing or scheduling a free 30 minutes session. It works incredibly. Because sometimes we dont even know what limited belief or block we have. Our life and behaviors are determined by beliefs and programs that are hidden in the subconscious mind. It protects us from potentially causing pain in the future. 

  For example, one young lady couldn’t make a long lasting relationship. Every time the she’d come close to make a step to the next level of a relationship, she’d sabotage them. She couldn’t figure out why is she was so scared of serious relationships. Her mom and dad were still together and were always the ideal couple. So when she started to dig into her subconsious mind, using a tool called Master Kit, she finally saw an image, a memory from the past, when she was just a little girl. How in the middle of the night a woman neighbor asked to hide in their home from her abusive husband. So in that little girls head “the marriage was an abuse”. That was her limited fear that was separating her from long lasting relationships. I greatly recomend trying it out.

I will also attach a free book to read, where you can find a row of sentences created by Daria that will serve you as a tool to transform your limited beliefs. How To Let Big Money Flow Into Your Life – download Free Book.

Honestly, every time I read somebody’s selfcare book or go to a seminar or an event, each person has their own way to transorm your blocks, fears and barriers. Tony Robbins tells you to put your index finger into your nostril and scream out loud the reverse version of your limited belief. 🤪😂😊

So try the ones I wrote above and see if any of them work and maybe you’ll have a favorite.

Thank you for your timeI hope I was helpful to you again


You are Great

Sinceraly Maryna Liubarova

Transform Your Limited Beliefs And You will Transform Your Life
Transform Your Limited Beliefs And You will Transform Your Life