12 Sessions for a Year of Personal Life Coaching

Pay for 10 session up front and get 2 additional sessions free, for a total of 12 sessions of Life Coaching for the entire year. You can split up the sessions however you’d like, whether it be 1 session per month for 12 consecutive months OR a two sessions per month for 6 months. This package is completely flexible, as long as you use all your sessions within 1 year from purchase date. You can do your sessions face to face, online (zoom) or through a phone call. Includes unlimited email contact for 12 months and emergency booking sessions available. This package is for anyone who is committed to making changes in at least one area of their life: marriage/family relationships, work, health, mindsets, spiritual, etc. It will help you become independent, but yet still have someone holding you accountable and making sure you’re guided towards your goals. This is also a great follow up package after someone has completed intensive multiple times a month coaching sessions.

Product Details

I help individuals actualize what it is they know they truly want and create time for the things that matter to them most.

When we work together, I help you replace anxiety with enthusiasm and fear with confidence.

I help you move through challenges you aren’t able to move through on your own in the way you want. I guide you through significant transitions by helping you figure out where you’d rather be. We identify your destination, then chart a path to get you there.



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