In the last few months I went through a lot emotionally and spiritually. After losing my grandma and a month later my father in law, I went through a complete reavaluation of life meaning. Although I know my purpose in life is to be a life coach. I was sabotaging myself in not reaching my goals, not even setting any.

What is The Meaning Of Life

People ask all the time themselves “What is the meaning of life?” For the most part they are generalizing the answer. As per my opinion and my own life experiences, I can conclude that the meaning of life differs from person to person , day to day, hour to hour. 
What matters is a specific meaning of persons life at the given moment. For me the meaning of life is my own mission that carries fulfillment. 

People Don’t know what they wish

A lot of people don’t know what they wish, so they wish what other people do – conformism.Or they wish what other people wish them to do – totalitarianism.
“Man shouldn’t ask what is the meaning of Life is, but simply recognize that it is he who is asked. Each man is questioned by Life. And he can answer to Life by answering for his own LIFE, To Life he can only respond by being responsible.”Viktor Frankl

So if you are in confusion of what is your mission in Life, schedule a Free Session with me here. And we can discuss your steps of figuring this dilemma out.

But to start I recommend you to read an amazing book “Man’s search for meaning”- Viktor Frankl. It is such a deep memoir of Mr. Frankl and will help you reach a lot of insight. At least it helped me to see something beyond my mind, to see a secret moment of life.


Remember, Life is Happening for You, Not To You!


You Are Great